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      Local Trust Navigator™

      Protecting & Building Local Trust

      Between Business And Consumer

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      Engaging the overall customer experience and business rating is a one-of-a-kind online service that is both promoting and protecting local trust between business and consumer.

      Tracking Trust Locally

      We Are Tracking Trust & Transparency

      Local Trust Navigator™ connects Consumers and Businesses via a unique 6 step tracking, rating, and overall scoring system. The customer experience was created to empower, enhance, and evolve relationships for both businesses and consumers.

      This Is Not Just A Review Site

      A simple to use system & so much more

      Local Trust Navigator™ Is a comprehensive state-of-the-art mobile friendly local trust factor for businesses and consumers that is marketed, promoted, and authentically used online by both consumers and businesses. With clear transparency, consumers are connecting with businesses both local and around the country via our unique platform.

      Transparency & Trust

      The Customer Journey & Story is Being Told With Our Local Trust Score

      We are transparent in how we track and score the business reviews.

      Our calculation considers 3 Scoring Factors.

      We explain the A, B, C’s of how we score so that it is very clear and transparent.

      Local Trust Navigator™ Score (LTN)

      The following six areas are scored to receive an LTN star rating.

      LTN 6 Point Scoring System

      1 Star = Poor

      5 Star = Great

      Quality Rating Score

      Star Rating the QUALITY of the brands product and services.

      Value Rating Score

      Star Rating the VALUE of benefits over cost.

      Timeliness Rating Score

      Star Rating the TIMELINESS of response and deliverables.

      Experience Rating Score

      Star Rating the EXPERIENCE the entire purchase process.

      Satisfaction Rating Score

      Star Rating the SATISFACTION of the brands product and service.

      Influencer Rating Score

      Star Rating the brand as an INFLUENCER locally.

      Online Star Rating Systems

      Local Trust Navigator™ utilizes Google Star Rating which is a five-star rating system as well as Yelp and Yellow Pages that is calculated into our platforms Local Trust Scores formula.

      Online Review Rating Systems

      Our Local Trust Score formula also utilizes the total number of reviews in which a business has online on various platforms.

      The Process

      The Local Trust Navigator™ platform recalculates YOUR BRAND'S Local Trust Score every time a review is left on site.

      We offer a free listing as well as a more detailed paid listing where each business profile page offers their information and a Local Trust Score. Our Local Trust Score is an automation that measures each reviewers scores based on their online review on the Local Trust Navigator™ (LTN) combined with several online review systems.