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Welcome to the! You have found the right place for you and your family to do martial arts. KarateBuilt™ martial arts schools offer classes for pre-school kids and elementary age children in addition to our famous ATA programs for teens and adults. The programs include beginner martial arts, advanced Black Belt classes, leadership training and instructor certification. KarateBuilt.

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 by Laura Lee G.
The values we stress at home are reinforced at Karate!

The values we stress at home are reinforced at Karate. Karate has helped Danielle appreciate that hard work yields excellent results. Danielle has a deeper understanding of self-control, honor, dignity and self-discipline. She has great self-confidence, knowing she can accomplish anything she sets her sights on!

 by J. Tanner
An excellent experience!

My son and I are both students at the location in Cave Creek. Our experience has been excellent! My son started at 5 years old, and after over 2 years, he has developed incredible discipline, focus, respect, and fitness. I can not recommend this studio enough, and I believe every parent should have their child enroll in martial arts. As for myself, I love taking the adult classes as well. It has increased my strength both mentally and physically. A great studio with great instructors!

 by Theresa Cibulka
This has been a very positive experience!

The Leadership program has helped Sammy with self-esteem at home and at school. He is always the first child to help his teachers & help Mommy at home. He has gotten more comfortable with being in front of other people. This has been a very positive experience!

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Hope Carson

Parents Night Out is a favorite for kids and parents. They followed cdc guidelines for masks and distance. The kids watched a movie, ate pizza, and had other activities while the parents were able to get a night off and be childless for a few hours. Win-win for all!

anthony cicinelli

They have amazing adult programs that help them get to black belt. In those programs they work a lot on techniques and go into the technical parts of why to do this or that. With that program they also focus a lot on physical fitness. It is a great way to get fitness without going to the gym. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to do fitness without going to a gym.

Dawn Van Doren

My family and I have seen a wonderful transformation in our daughter. ATA Martial Arts on Cave Creek has a wonderful staff who have the utmost in knowledge and skill. My daughter loves attending each class and it is great to watch her self-confidence and pride continue to grow with each lesson! I especially enjoy the way they incorporate day to day situations in all of their classes.

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Stefanie L.

"Eyes on who?" My 3 yr old and 1 yr old snap to attention: "YOU, MOM!!!!!!!" Mr. Kreskow and Ms. Sanborn, you are magical toddler-whispering ninjas. 3...

Anna J.

I put my son in ATA Karate for Kids when he was 5 because I wanted him to build his self confidence and I couldn't have made a better choice. I don't think...

Elizabeth L.

It would be an understatement to say that ATA/Karate for Kids has changed my son's life. He has been involved for the past two years, and has grown into a...

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